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5 Creative DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom From Daughter

Christmas is a very special festivity that is celebrated across the globe in an excellent manner. On this special occasion, people plan get-togethers and present gifts to each other as a token of love. But there is one special person in everybody’s life who deserves a special Christmas gift the most and that is none other than mom.

For every son and daughter, the mother matters the most. However, daughters understand their mom a lot as their role model is their mom. That is the reason why daughters give away unique Christmas gifts to their moms instead of sons.

Christmas is coming and we are here to present you five awesome DIY Christmas gifts for mom from daughter. These gifts are uniquely designed and any girl can make any of these for her mom. Not just that, you can wrap up any of the DIY Christmas gifts in a custom box to make it appealing and beautiful.

1. DIY Black and White Bracelets
You can make this Christmas more special for your mom by giving away her bracelet in black and white shade. You just need to tear of tape and pull up it tight. Then you have to tear off the next piece and line it up.
Just continue by adding up the tape till you reach the end. You have to fully wrap the bracelet and then have a look at it to check out any imperfections. Add three layers of glaze and then let each dry for some hours. For the first layer you have to, wipe it off to level it. But for the next two layers, you would only need to add few drops.

2. DIY Soap Gift
DIY soap gift is a good idea for a mom from a daughter. You have to melt the soap and then add the scent of your choice into it. Mix these two things properly and then you have to add the colors of your preference. Keep stirring the mixture and then add additives to it. You need to pour this entire mixture into the mold and then let the soap to cool for about 20 minutes.

Now it is the time to cut out the shapes of the soap. You can either cut the soap into an oval shape or a rectangular shape it is up to you. However, it is recommended that you use rectangular shape as it is easy to wrap up.

After cutting, you have to punch a hole into the soap and then tie up a ribbon. You can write anything on a small piece of paper and then insert it into the ribbon to show your mother your affection. You can write anything at all.

Source: latikasoap

3. DIY Makeup Brush Holder
Makeup is an important thing for every woman and only a woman can understand a woman. So, as a daughter, you can make something that your mom can use. For this reason, you have to make a makeup brush holder.

The first thing you have to do is to start sewing a pouch and then stitch the single brush pouch one by one. When you have sewn the pouches of brushes and straps then flip the pouch inside out. You need to layer it up on the top of the fabric.

Now you need to seal the opening of the pouch. You need to make a hole in the top of the holder so that it could be dangle easily.

4. Sequin Bracelet
You have to gather flat sequins in guava and flax, iridescent stones, scissors and elastic cord. You have to thread the elastic and hold tiny pack of sequins. You have to thread the needle through all of them one by one. Repeat this step with the flax sequins.
It is the time to add up the rondels. Now you have to take away the needle from the elastic. Now tie up the elastic with triple knots and you are done.

Source : forthemakers

5. Vintage Lace Brooches
Brooches are loved by women of all ages. So, you can also gift a handmade vintage lace brooch to your mother. Keep in mind that you have to use cotton lace for this project. Just cut the lace in length of your choice, start stitching it and then tie the tails together into the knot. Adorn the center with the flower of your preference. That’s it!

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